[Game Update] - 452831

Release Date: 02/22/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are the day's fixes:


  • Fixed bug where Claimed By Hesh crashed the game if it killed you
  • Stacks of bile debuffs applied by Vix now scales with prestige
  • Fixed bug where power removed by Sapping Bile wasn't properly re-applied
  • Clarified description of Ricochet
  • Mark now references Charge
  • Fracture now applies 1 wound and deals 5 damage
  • Fixed unintended interaction between Sapping Bile and temp power
  • Under Your Skin now has a minimum threshold of 3 instead of 2, so you are still allowed to play a single manipulation card at max difficulty
  • Shrewd: nil-check hit.target 


  • Increased length of Mutant Vix's attack pattern
  • Brut now focuses the target with singled out 
  • Made the vix lumicyte slightly squishier and removed their exposed debuff
  • Reworked Toxic Buildup to ensure that the chosen debuff changes every hit instead of being truly random
  • Fixed bug where Rowdy Patron could be triggered by self-destroying arguments
  • Skittish is no longer applied if the battle has a NO_SURRENDER flag since that negates the skittish effect
  • GetNumberOfConnections() no longer excludes removed agents since we include them in other similar contexts
  • Dodgy Scavenger: nil-check Graft defs in case they don't exist in Content currently.


  • Add a compendium fade
  • Preload fighter combat anims while faded in going into battle.
  • Fixed incorrect quip for the default enemy attack card in negotiation 

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