[Game Update] - 430589

Release Date: 09/14/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here it is! The candidate build for Thursday's update (minus some last-minute translations). Thanks for all of your help in testing this stuff over the last few weeks!


  • Add mod support for quips.
  • Add mod support for adding codex entries.

Shel's Adventure:

  • merchants won't buy and sell the same commodity in the same day.
  • you can pay for hired help
  • Shel loses a bit more max resolve when sleeping.
  • Assign example mod grafts to the "SHEL" series.


  • Fixed bug where Guilt Trip was not dealing damage
  • The "Wanted!" argument now deals damage to your core instead of making it lose resolve. This means it respects shields from other arguments and is overall a clearer presentation
  • Flekfis no longer uses his multi attack on the furst turn of negotiation
  • Fixed descriptions of ravenous_plus, barbed_defense_plus, silent_shiv, deepstance_plus, and projector_plus


  • Fix cursor not being loaded from the data archive.
  • Move the auto-restore on click functionality from ChooseCardsPopup to NegotiationPanel, so that you can still click the discards/draw deck to view them while the panel is hidden.


  • The healing options in daily_protect_friend.lua now also heal your pet if you have one
  • Fixed bug where upgrading a trained pet would make it lose the bonus health from being trained
  • make the dodgy scavenger only pick from stuff that currently exists, in case mods have been uninstalled.
  • Renamed the SILVER_TONGUE flag to WORDSMITH (we already have a graft called silver tongue!)
  • Added daily quest_id overrides for September 17th-19th in daily_util.lua to ensure the boss negotiation daily¬†
  • Fixed bug caused by negotiation with Nadan in a negotiation not marked with the Silver Tongue flag

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