[Game Update] - 378197

Release Date: 11/05/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

  This update changes the startup flow of the game, so that it better supports future characters and game modes. It should also be a little less confusing for new players - we get a lot of feedback about save slot confusion :)

Also... bug fixes! Always bugfixes. 

  • New newgame / character select screen. Replaces old concept of save slots
  • Remove resolve_count for negotiation; to play cards multiple times, instead there is a resolve_queue used by Negotiation:PlayCard. This fixes some bugs with resolve_count conflicts (eg. duplicity + overbear not resolving the correct number of times because it gets calculated in START_RESOLVE)
  • Added a new Hatch card to Sal and the two quests that it spawns
  • Add event priorities to Duplicity and Brow Beat.  Fixes bug where playing Duplicity would cause Brow Beat to play for 2X actions, only if Duplicity was added to your deck first.
  • Fix missing heal option for upgraded pets.
  • Update some cards that said "Play this card twice", because they don't actually play the card twice, or if they do, they function unexpectedly.  This also fixes a bug with veiled_anger_plus2 which consumed 2 dominance instead of 1.
  • admiralty_dorm_encounter.lua no longer gets rid of guards and spawns new ones. Instead, the old guards are kept in place.
  • Pets now have Trained vs Untrained in their titles, so you can tell which pets are well-trained.
  • OPPO_DOG_EVENT allows you to select the pet you are training.
  • Fixed the issue where the Fight screen would allow users to see the full Main overlay bar if they pause, giving them a chance to upgrade cards mid-fight
  • Fix Heartless applying to non-attack cards.

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