[Game Update] - 1179

Release Date: 02/08/21

Update Information:

Update (Xbox One)

  • Fixed a possible crash when ending a contest.
  • Fixed a bug when a beefalo dies in the contest.
  • Fixed a bug causing statue figures to use the wrong animation.
  • Fixed a crash when riding Woby.
  • Fixed an issue with Winona's hair in the character selection grid.
  • Fixed a crash with no NPCs in the pageant.
  • Fixed a crash in the Item Collection when Willow hugs Ashley.
  • Fixed a crash when using the Winter's Feast Lantern.
  • The contests posts won't get stuck waiting to be marked if the event is aborted.
  • Adjust new Victorian wall skins textures so they are less tilted.
  • Fixed a texture bug with the Lovely Chest.

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