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Don't Starve Together Patch 1.69 - 12/14/2019 (PlayStation 4)

  • Fixed crashes during gameplay and when generating new worlds.
  • Fixed a crash when casting the Sea Fishing Rod and it lands on a boat or on land and near Ocean Debris.
  • Fixed a crash while feasting at the Winter's Feast Table.
  • Fixed a crash when connecting multiple sets of Winter's Feast Tables together.
  • Fixed a bug where Mushlights and Glowcaps would not return all items when destroyed.
  • Fixed crash when rapidly resetting “A feastin' pair of birds” minigame.
  • Fixed crash on loading in while Masonry Oven is cooking.
  • Fixed tables disappearing if loaded in after food has been fully consumed from them.
  • Fixed nighttime lighting on Masonry Oven.
  • Fixed various Willow texture issues.
  • Fixed Yuletide Frock texture.
  • Increased resolution of Masonry Oven.
  • Included leggings in Winter Warden Boots icon.

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