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[Game Update] - 115

Release Date: 02/14/17

Update Information:

Don't Starve Together Patch 1.15 - 2/15/2017 (PlayStation 4)

- Player 2 will now receive gifts in the main menu after logging in.
- Woodie will no longer get stuck at 0% beaverness when he dies from hunger as a Beaver.
- Full moon phases now start and stop properly in Lights Out mode.
- Moon Dial now has a global minimap icon, like all other structures crafted from Moonlenses.
- Fixed rare networking bug for minimap icons.
- Fixed bug where depleted Red Lanterns did not turn off after a server reset.
- Fixed crash sometimes after Batilisks escape through Cave Lights.
- Fixed animation layering bug when Wolfgang changes Mightiness while mounted.
- Fixed animation glitch when players are frozen while wearing a Top Hat.
- Fixed animation glitch when No-Eyed Deer run into old trees with their Antlers.

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