[Game Update] - 401443

Release Date: 03/25/2020

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • Changed Abigail's damage back to be based on time of day instead of Wendy’s health.
  • Increased Abigail’s damage during daytime and dusk.
  • Abigail's attack besets her opponents with ghostly petals for a short period of time, increasing its damage received from all other damage sources. Wendy is able to take advantage of this and will deal substantially more damage.
  • Spectral Cure-All now lasts for 30 seconds and the other Ectoherbology elixirs now have a duration of 1 day.
  • Replaced the Choleric Tonic with Nightshade Nostrum.
  • Nightshade Nostrum allows Abigail to call upon the power of darkness, causing her to deal nighttime damage during the daytime and dusk.
  • Abigail’s shields received a minor increase in duration. 
  • Retuned the number of Mourning Glory required to craft the Ectoherbology elixirs.
  • Reduced how far away the Pipspook’s lost trinkets will spawn.
  • Changed Abigail’s riled-up targeting to encompass more creatures.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the scaling of Distilled Vengeance’s damage fx 
  • Fixed various Wilson skins hair orientation in the back view.
  • Fixed missing fur tufts on Wortox.
  • Fixed an issue with Wendy’s Nostalgic skin’s hair when doing the kiss emote.

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