[Game Update] - 388647

Release Date: 01/08/2020

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Toast emote now works while riding a Beefalo
  • Fixed a crash when a boat sinks with an anchor on it
  • Fixed a crash when the Gingerbread Varg does its icing attack
  • Fixed a server crash when leaving the game while wearing the Bone Helm
  • Fixed the amount of gold the Pig King gives for Freshwater Fish
  • Having the required materials for the Masonry Oven or Winter's Feast Table no longer makes the structures crafting tab indicate that something new can be prototyped (it was showing the light bulb icon)
  • Fixed a bug where using a fish on the Pocket Scale would not reduce the scale’s durability, while using the Pocket Scale on a fish would.
  • Increased art resolution for the Loyal Merm Guard when the King of the Merms is not present
  • Increased art resolution for Wade, Ignatius, Dmitri, and Sawyer
  • Fixed price text from getting clipped on certain currencies in the Shop.

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