List of bug issues (Helemt)

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Ena_namus    0

Some bug issue while I play. (play on PC )

1. Pig guard use torch in daytime. 

2.Tried leave the store, after open the door, I appear in the middle of ocean, cant go back to the island.

3.The Charlie music never stop playing ( the one that play when black hand appear ), even play when I visit store.

4.Pig guard frozen by flingomatic and never unfrozen.

5.Plant nettle vine on the jungle turf , but still show not the right dirt, cant be fertilize too.

6.Jungle music play when I in town.

7.Big bird used her mouth smash me when she tried to take me back to her nest.

8.Store locked in the daytime.

9.Pig ate seed or pig skin doesn't poop?!


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