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Gameplay Pocket edition Android controller issues

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  • On Pixel 2 XL running Android 9
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    Holding do action button doesn't work sometimes

    Steps to reproduce
  • Hold down action button on Xbox controller when near items ie a 3x3 grid of wheat by a pig village.
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    Will only pick up one then stop till you click it again. Also happens when tree is cut down. Will pick up some of the items but usually not all of them. It also sometimes won't pick up items right by my feet. When doing the same thing with touch controls on right side of the screen, I could be about the width of a full grown pine tree away and it would go to that item to pick it up. I went out to buy the controller to make it easier, and it did, but this is very annoying.

Side note, the ability to remap the controller controls would be awesome! I'd like to be able to make the right joystick rotate the screen and the left and right buttons do inventory selection. Or at the very least be able to switch the two buttons, basically invert the camera rotation. 

Also would be nice if there was a button to toggle what's in your hand, on your back or on your head. Maybe pushing down on left joystick toggles what's in your hand, right toggles what's on your back. Maybe Y for what's on your head.

Lastly I'd like to see an improvement in how changing equipped items work. Right now when you change items the item you just unequipped goes in the leftmost spot that's open. I'd prefer if it went in the spot of the item just equipped so it doesn't mess up the order of my inventory. Or instead of all the equipped items being on the right, they just stay in the slot you put them in but the equipped one is highlighted. 

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