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World gen bug ? [Hamlet]


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Hi ! First thanks you for this wonderful DLC, i realy enjoy it ! :)

By advance, sorry for my bad english. I'm french.

I'm on my 3rd game and i'm pretty sure i'm confronted to a bug. or i don't understant something ? I can't find the second entrance in a pig cave : the one who should get me to the island with the palace.

Here some images i made to explain myself better ^^

As you can see, i'm in front of the entrance on the first image. There is a pig at the top of the entrance. When i enter it you can see on the third image the cave map : fully explored and... no exit at all. So i can't access to the palace isle. I'm i wrong or is it a bug ? Or maybe i didn't do the right thing ?

No sure but if you can help me with this it would be nice !
Thanks !




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