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Key to the city in Backpack Glitch


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It seems that when you put the Key to the city in an equipped Backpack it acts as though the key is dropped or in a non moving storage since you can only craft with it in close proximity to the spot you put it in, to make it clear. You're at A, you put the key in the backpack and move to B wich is far from A, even though you have the key you cannot craft with it and would have to move close to A / hold the key or put it in your inventory to use it. Suprisingly, the space where you can use it is bigger than when it is dropped.

To replicate it, you got to put the key in a backpack and move away OR put it in the backpack, drop the backpack, pick it back up and move away, not sure if dropping it is a must, but that's how i did it

This glitch is not very serious, as you can just hold it in the inventory, but i'm not sure if it could be used in some way to make it so you don't have to hold the key to craft or something similar to that.

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