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I was in my Hamlet World, Day 37, i go to the ruinous entrance that leads to the second village when suddenly, after encountering snakes for the second time, my FPS drops, to an unplayable ammount. I don't know what framerate but it's very bad, i'm unsure to what caused this, since i killed the snakes to see if my framerate would come back, exited the ruins, waited for a bit, saved and quit, but my framerate was even worse than before, i use Windows and can't seem to play don't starve anymore, my shipwrecked world crashes and this one is stuck at 3 FPS, i can confirm it's an issue with my world, as i've loaded a separate Hamlet world for testing and the framerate was normal. I put log.txt here because i feel like it's got to do with the scripts/components/moisturelistener.lua(62,1) delta part because it's run like 30 times every second and i don't think it ran on my testing world, the one where i didn't lag. I've also included my DoNotStarve files, where you should be able to load my file, the first one.

If you want to replicate the bug i feel like you should trigger this line and see if the game lags, modify it until it doesn't lag. or just go to my save file and try stuff until the lag dissapears, and work from that.

You could also try to fix the crashing on my shipwrecked save with wolfgang.

I'd like to see these bugs fixed in a future patch.


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14 hours ago, bizziboi said:

Out of curiosity - did performance in that world improve with the latest update?

Sorry for the wait but, yes, it has gone back to normal and i have played with no problems for a couple of cycles, the issue seems fixed.

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