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Lady Tyrantess

[Gameplay] Health Not Restoring

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Health Not Restoring

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Consuming food to replenish health, everything but health meter replenishes.

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-If this has already been posted about, please move it to that post, I tried looking around for a while on the bug tracker threads for something like this issue but didn't find any threads about it.-

Bit of a problem here, the health doesn't seem to replenish when consuming foods. I've tried cooked, non cooked, even recipe items that are known to replenish some health, such as meatballs and honey nuggets and nothing seems to be able get HP back. The hunger and Insanity portions are fine when it comes to restoration with food, however when regarding HP, nothing is regained.

Last thing I recall, I was using the boomerang, or testing it out to see how it faired, then switched to the old spear to do things since I couldn't get the hang of not getting hurt at the boomerangs return, ate a few cooked monster meat (in moderation of course while wearing a top hat so my sanity would slowly replenish and not diminish to nothing; I even tossed some extra monster meat away to stop losing HP and everything was dandy for a while, until recently. Now I can't regain the health portion of things; I'm not sure if it's a bug with the boomerang, spear, crockpot, or campfire- I'm literally stuck at 40 HP no matter what food is consumed.

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did you build meat effigies? if you did it takes away your health until you break it or use it up

I've had meat effigies before, and my HP was at a solid 99, the last I can recall? And yeah, I'm updated to the latest I believe, unless I missed something?

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Each meat effigy takes 20 from your total health.

Hmm... odd then. I was able to manage 2-3 effigies with a solid 99 health for a while, for a few out-of-game days. I might have missed this HP cost regarding meat effigies till now?. Edit: I kind of did a test on this: I made an extra meat effigy, my game kind of lagged out, watching William walk around in a twitchy fashion, destroyed said meat effigy, then ate a Hot Pumpkin and some HP finally restored.Perhaps it was sheer luck I was able to walk around for a few extra days in near perfect health with a few meat effigies lying about? Either way, for now, the issue seems to be settled. Hoping it doesn't pop up again, but if it does, I'll find this thread, or another if someone else has this issue, and notify again.

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