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Infinite Ro Bins Glitch


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Type of bug



Do you use mods?
     yes       combined status mod 
Version Number

Issue title
 Infinite Ro Bins
Steps to reproduce
 Have the stone egg in your inventory after attempting to hatch it (make sure it never hatched but is in the process of)
i don't know if this matters but go into the caves/pig ruins and wait for it to hatch in your inventory 
place egg inside the first robin that hatches and walk around into diffrent rooms and marvel at the amount of birds you have

Describe your issue
 So this happened to me as of just now while playing don't starve hamlet exploring ruins as Wilba trying to get to the 3rd island and i forgot to leave my egg at base so i just had it in my inventory when the Ro Bin hatched but i still had the egg so i laughed it off and put it in my inventory then all of a sudden 2 more hatched when i walked into the next room and so on and so on to the point where i had to kill myself due to the amount of lag caused by this.



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