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Werepigs and 18 red caps - Game play


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Hello all.  

I have re-installed my DS game today, Nov. 21, 2018, but I don't know what version it is.

I use a PC.   I have done verify files twice.  This is regarding the DS vanilla game, not ROG/SW/Hamlet/DST.  I don't use any mods. 

(Verified files. Uninstalled. Re-installed. Verified files.) 

I still cannot get the werepigs to die after eating more than 18 red caps, not even when I give them 30 or more of them. 

I can kill gobblers with 3 red caps.   I have seen other people, one very recently, kill werepigs with 18 red caps.  Is this a bug?  Or do the werepigs not die anymore from eating red caps?  

Thanks for your attention.  Sincerely. 

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