[Game Update] - 296059

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Gagarin-ace    641

cant find any server on forge after update (dont try on survival)

upd. fixed by clicking on propertis on game icon

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Szczuku    9,243
12 hours ago, Instant-Noodles said:

There was another update today, but the version number didn't change (i.e. still 296059).

Infernal Swineclops

  Reveal hidden contents

beetletaur_attack1.thumb.gif.3510c871fcd97dc7a7d86c249b760168.gif beetletaur_attack2.thumb.gif.d3a118381c55bdd15c3d6bc167b69a20.gif beetletaur_attack3.thumb.gif.6bc7ee282e26b5d183bfc7d61c7cc34f.gif

beetletaur_bellyflop.thumb.gif.c8e6fde903ac823ca82a1632964c4490.gif beetletaur_taunt.thumb.gif.592b0f301fd1455121ec341affc0e314.gif beetletaur_taunt2.thumb.gif.d5e29767dab7e0c37e7522b3c5294621.gif

beetletaur_walk.thumb.gif.4b7daa9fb4a491d4f4818ff3c069ba18.gif beetletaur_run.thumb.gif.a8227b0bd9cf6590023cab4d14b4e0b1.gif beetletaur_pose.thumb.gif.fe05331c614725bbd4af8538a0fd525a.gif

beetletaur_block.thumb.gif.48662572424afe2ead35b4651eae1d1c.gif beetletaur_block_counter.thumb.gif.e7e70d5d2daa4c0d66f86b2537dd96f8.gif beetletaur_idle.thumb.gif.3e878ae1a1aecbd28ce9c7e28d85979d.gif



I think you forgot about his "shocked" aniamtion

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