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[Hamlet Compatabie RoG] Beefalo not dropping horns or wool and a wind-like glitch

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FadedEchoes    5

I recently started up an RoG save with Hamlet compatability enabled, and I'm experiencing some weird things.

First of all, there seems to be a common glitch that makes items on the ground slide across the screen, until they reach the water and disappear. It seems very similar to the way wind works in Shipwrecked (apart from the disappearing). There even seems to be small wind particles, thoguh I'm not certain about that.

Secondly, it seems that in this world my Beefalo don't drop any wool or horns at all. I've killed a whole bunch, and I didn't get a single piece of wool, or any horns at all. Shaving them does provide wool, however.

I ran some tests to see if it really is due to Hamlet comatability or if it had anything to do with my mods.

So I disabled all my mods and made a dummy RoG world with Hamlet enabled (Let's call it World 1), and one with Hamlet disabled (World 2).

To test the Beefalo glitch, I spawned a Beefalo in each of them and killed it. In world 1, it didn't drop wool or horns. In world 2, I got some wool, so it seems normal there.

To test the wind glitch, I teleported myself to the nearest gold nugget in each world, as it seems like one of the most commonly affected items by said glitch. Again, in world 1, the glitch was present, and in world 2 it wasn't.

There might be more glitches but these are the ones I've noticed so far. 


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