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Tall Window Layers

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Usually I do yes, but I have not been running any on Hamlet.

 Hamlet Early Access

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Tall Window Bug

 I placed 2 tall windows in my house. One on either side, right in the middle of the walls. Upon exiting and re-entering my house, a handful of items that were already placed on the ground were lying in the sunbeams of the house, could not be reached to pick up. Meaning, I could see them, but they seemed to be laying under the window layer. After exiting and re-entering again, I could pick up some of the items. I saved my game and quit. After reloading the issue was worse. The windows disappeared altogether, but the sunbeams were still visible. Exit, re-entry - windows reappeared, items in sunbeams again couldn't be reached. The right side window was also sticking out on the X? axis?...literally sticking out into the house as if a wall ran across the middle from left wall to right wall. Exiting and re-entering again fixed the right side window and i could pick up all items.

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