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problems with hamlet pc with console


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I am playing from steam on mac with ps4 duo shock 4. It's complicated, I know.

  1. renovate can't be used with console, once selected, it will only appear the dressing bar, not the renovations
  2. it's only possible to put and take stuff in the bottom row of the shelves at home
  3. same as above, you can't reach the goodies on the high shelves with console in store
  4. some times,it is impossible to revive the boat/surfboard once you put it in the pound,due to the angel. ont even with rotation.
  5. need to rotate several times  or walk 2 steps forward then 1 step back to pick up the cut grass once cut the tall grass
  6. almost unable to do anything after infected with swarm, since it only shows"gnat swarm (buttom 3 inspect)"
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