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[Gameplay] Bee box inactive when you're far away


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Bee box inactive when you're far away

Steps to reproduce

1. Harvest honey from bee box
2. Get far away
3. Get back in 2 days
3. Bee box still has no honey

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I understand that stuff doesn't update in realtime when you're far away due to engine restrictions, but when you're getting close and it starts to update it consider the time it has been inactive (example: I keep finding rot in the world, I bet it's spoiled seeds; Spider nests update it's level, etc). So I think bee box should consider this inactive period and force filling itself with honey. Or, at least, increase updating radius for bee box - I have it next to my base and still have to getting even closer for bees to work.
Update: also I'd like for tallbird nest to update as well - I can't get an egg for like ingame month because I have to spend alot time nearby, and tallbird becomes agressive.

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I have like 20-40 flowers near my bee boxes, I'm on 200 day and I know how fast bees works. The problem is that bee box fills up with honey only by bees, and they are inactive when I'm away. This is not bug in code, but it looks incorrect from gameplay point of view.

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