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[Gameplay] Reverting to Demo


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Reverting to Demo

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Take Wooden Thing from Adventure 4-3 to 5-1

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After generating the 5th level of adventure, when I woke up, the demo timer was in the corner of the screen encouraging me to purchase the game. The clock still said 5-1. I exited the game immediately so I could save and restart. Upon returning to the title, the save slot (second slot) was empty. Closing and reopening Chrome left my file blank, though I did have to give chrome permissions again, like when I first downloaded. Subsequently opening other saves and starting new files reverted to treating the game as purchased.

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  • Developer

When you generated the 5th world, to exit, did you then just shut the Chrome window down?There is currently an issue where when you advance from one world to the next, your save file is removed from the first world, but a new save file is not being generated after the second world is created.I'm not sure why you would be getting the Demo timer though...

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