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[Exploit] Honey is Disbalanced


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Honey is Disbalanced

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1. Get yourself some materials to create Beeboxes;
2. Start expanding the amount of Beeboxes you have;
3. Profit.

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Honey is a little bit too easily accessible and is too easily farmed. In other words, the Honey today is what Berries were back in the day, which made you implement a Gobbler. Now, with nothing stopping the player from farming Honey en masse this balance issue should be addressed.

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Kevin already mentioned honey needs a nerf/rebalancing: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?10272-Farms-not-needed-at-all/page10

Wow, there's some great feedback in here!I don't have time to implement anything beyond numerical tweaks for any of this in the short term (roadmap and all), but I like the queen bee / swarm idea a lot. Perhaps after launch.In the short term, here's what I am thinking:Bee boxes are too easy to make, and consolidate in a small area. Making them them recharge a bit slower, and take more comb to create will slow production. Inter-hive fights will enforce some spacing. Bee combat should be buffed a little in general.Honey does too much. Reduce it's healing power (there is meat for that). In general, I think healing is too hard to come by, and too tied to food. Perhaps we need less healing in general, but more player health? I need to think on that.Beefalo drop too many meats (and maybe reproduce too fast) - the expected return on a fighting a herd is too great.Pig houses are bacon farms. The re-pigging time should be increased, and the pigs probably shouldn't be such pushovers in combat against the player. Maybe pig grudges should persist after death? Ie - if you kill a pig anywhere, all of pig-kind hates you for a day.

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