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Using the Bug Report Tool for Don't Starve Together (Xbox One)


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Hey everyone, with Update 1.1.12 for Don't Starve Together on Xbox One, we have added a Bug Report tool that will provide us with a better look at your reported issue as well as access to a copy of the save file(s) affected - which helps our team to do proper reproduction and testing on our systems.

Here's how to use the Bug Report Tool on Don't Starve Together (Xbox One):

  1. Sign into your Xbox Live account on your Xbox One;
  2. Launch Don't Starve Together and on the game's main menu;
  3. Go to the Options screen > Scroll down to "More" >  Choose "Submit a Bug Report"
  4. Press X to give a short description of the issue and your forum username if you have reported about the issue on the Xbox One DST forums or Bug Tracker (or email address if reported via support ticket);
  5. Once ready to submit, press A to send us copies of your save files as well as the description. (This may take about a minute to upload the files). 

Our team will be able to get these files immediately on our servers for investigation. Thank you for your assistance and patience while we investigate reports.

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I have a world that crashes the game everytime I try to load it up. This world has some particular decorations I am very proud of. I have sent bug reports from in game. It is 2241 days old. Now, is there any way for You guys to communicate back after I've sent the report? (If I could open this world I would love to share these decorations with you.) Thanks so much, Clawtoo. P.S. Amazing game!

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