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Lua Error - can't continue my worlds

Rhovious Aran

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Ugh... my frustration is through the roof at this point. I am generally having such a blast playing hamlet. 

But now my second world has become inaccessible. In both instances all I did is leave the world and attempted to continue later after which it would not let me load up the world again bringing me these stupid Lua Error messages.

On of my worlds is on day 58, the other on day 64. Both as Wx78, both I was currently presiding in my own pig village. If I recall correctly in one instance I had left the game inside in the other oudoors. One had Geo Placement enabled the other did not.

I know this is EA and things like that can happen theoretically, but for some reason I had no issues at all during Beta. Furthermore during beta my framerate was fine, whereas now I sit around 14 fps most of the time with terrible "spikes" all the time.

Please help I wanna continue my worlds =( 

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I have this exact error, right down to the same traceback. Only on day 11 as Warbucks, all settings on default and no other bugs encountered before this. Stopped playing around 11pm yesterday and received this error trying to reload my game around 7:30pm today.

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