There have been lots of posts in the last few weeks about the steam turbine. The three key things we need to make sure the turbine run are: Steam in at least one spot under the turbine. (Why not require all to be steam - I'll force this condition on this build.) A hot spot under the turbine (500K or higher). This currently can be a solid tile, another gas, or hot steam. Only 1 tile must be hot.  A pressure difference of 3K (uses MAX pressure of tiles below and MIN pressure of tiles above). Ooooh - fun. So as long as one tile underneath has high pressure, we can do whatever we want with the others. Time to EXPLOIT this MIN/MAX problem.   I've seen lots of arguments pointing at tile blocking as one of the biggest current exploits. The chlorine clamp design definitely uses it. I wanted to know if I could remove the chlorine clamp, and still obtain a 100% uptime turbine, with minimal to no additional heat needed. I present to you a modification.  I have not tried to optimize this, rather wanted to see what I could do without a chlorine clamp (not usable if all 5 ports must be steam).  Turns out the clamp isn't needed.  The turbine above will run for a few hundred cycles, without any external heat source. All I need to get it to run forever is to very rarely add some heat, or come up with a better design that takes advantage of fact that any thermal transfer below a specific threshold gets rounded to 0. Here's a couple possible alternatives.    Conclusion:  The steam turbine needs more work than just forcing it to run with all ports unblocked. Now, if the rules change and the turbine compares the MIN pressure below the turbine to the MAX pressure above the turbine, then this build is completely destroyed (and it might even ruin any gas conflict builds - might). Currently the turbine looks at MAX pressure below and MIN pressure above (which is where the exploit comes from).  Happy ONI everyone. I'd love to see a condensation run version of this, but figure I'll leave that fun to someone who found this post interesting.