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Thermal stone doesn't heat up and everything is wet


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[gameplay bug; playing on Steam, mods: 99 items stacks, fast travel, ice flingomatic range check, storm cellar, version: 293829]


I have RoG, SW and Hamlet installed and am currently playing in a RoG world. The world has begun in spring and I haven't had any problems until now: it is winter, day 63, and I have noticed that every built structure and natural object(trees, boulders etc.) is still labelled wet, even though it hasn't rained for around a week. My character or any items in their equipment aren't wet, so I don't really mind this, but it does seem buggy - especially when considering the second issue.

I have already found a rather similar topic here: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/35502-freezing-when-next-to-fire/

I am also playing as WX-78. While I am not freezing when standing directly near the campfire, I start to freeze almost immediately upon moving away. Also, the thermal stone never heats past the yellow stage, even when placed next to a roaring fire, and loses heat very quickly.

I only have one more save, which is vanilla DS without RoG, and the issue is not present. I have tried disabling the mods - to no effect.

Thanks for help!





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