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[Crash] Flaming Treeguard crash


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Flaming Treeguard crash

Steps to reproduce

Have tree guard catch fire over fire pit
In a forest it will spread fire to several trees, then the game crashes

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I was attacked by a Treeguard at night in the forest, for obvious reasons. In an effort to escape to stay alive 'til morning I ran around the fire, but when the Treeguard walked over the flames it caught fire. I was relieved, but then the entire forest caught fire. After a dozen trees were set ablaze the game crashed. This did not happen quickly a second time as I had to run some other day (and in another game) from it. After it killed the pigs when I attacked it, I decided to run into the forest. The resulting fire caused it to crash again.
I will attempt to reproduce again and possibly provide a screenshot of the error report for ya'll.

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