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Random LUA error


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  • Ps4

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Issue title
 LUA error

Steps to reproduce
First appeared when exiting game (save was not affected).

Most recently when trying to harvest pierogi from crockpot, shortly after using Sea Worthy to leave Shipwrecked world for existing vanilla world.Repeating this in same save causes LUA error to reoccur.

Previous vanilla DS save did not have spoilage in crockpot items. Could merging this with SW have caused the bug as cooked food should have already spoiled in the crockpot?

Describe your issue

LUA error (as attached) appears when harvesting food from crockpot on PS4 version. No mods. Using Shipwrecked DLC, but not Reign of Giants.


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Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the game. Which save slot are you experiencing the issue on? Also, would you be able to provide us with your save file? Here's how to do so: 

  • Plug a USB drive into the PS4 (Fat32 or exFat only, NTFS does not work)
  • Go to Settings -> Application Saved Data Management -> Saved Data in System Storage -> Copy to USB Storage Device -> Don't Starve: Console Edition or Don't Starve -> Select All -> Copy
  • After that finishes, unplug the USB drive from the PS4 and plug it onto your PC
  • Find the "PS4" directory and zip it up with all subdirectories (Windows: Right Click > Send To > Compressed Folder. Mac: Righ-click or Ctrl-Click > Compress "PS4")
  • When you're ready to send the zipped file, you can do so by attaching the zipped file to your reply to this post. 
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