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Version Number
 Unknown, the screen appears too "zoomed in" to see the version number when backspace is pressed. It's the most recent version as of 11/10/18. From what I can see of the numbers when backspace is pressed, I get:

Rev. 293829



Issue title
Resolution appears too small for the window size

Steps to reproduce
 Run the game

Describe your issue
 Resolution appears too small for the window size, whether in windowed mode or not, regardless of adjusting the resolution in-game. The game looks blurry. It's evident in the main menu, and carries over into the game. Occasionally, exiting the game and restarting it fixes it. Occasionally, quitting to the main menu and starting my file again fixes it.

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Hello @RomanticOutlaw, welcome to the forums. Based on what you said, it looks like an issue with the force resolution of Hamlet. There is a chance that your issue be a variant of the issue discussed in this bug report:

If yes, then attempt their workaround. Try fiddling with the forced game resolutions that your installed video card driver utility programs come with (i.e. GeForce Experience for Nvidia). Sometime these external programs incorrectly force optimizes game resolution when you start up games.

For future reference, all Hamlet related issue should ONLY be added to the dedicated Klei Bug Tracker for Hamlet. If even you find a solution to your issue, please report back what you did to fix it and also add a copy of your dxdaig.txt so people with the same specs and encounters the same issue can easily find a workaround for it.


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