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Character Selection Bug (RofG on SW and HAM)

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Orlumbus    0


I have found an inconsistency on the 'character selection screen' that i would like to share.

To explain, will start from DS base game to present the pattern, which i further tested in dlc by dlc (including Hamlet), so forgive about the text:

- On DS (no dlc), when creating a new world, on 'Character' selection screen, the background is red like the game theme and the last char is Maxwell.

- After installing RoG, when creating a new RofG world (checked option) and selecting 'Character' button, the background is purple, like dlc theme, and last char is Webber (**selecting DS map and then going on characters/world menu turns the screen red, base game themed, meaning "now u are configuring stuff from DS world and not from RofG or SW or HAM worlds"**).

- The inconsistency appears from SW: After installing Shipwrecked, when creating a new SW world (checked option) and selecting 'Character' button, the background is that blueish one and last char are the four SW ones, all ok here.. then


      1a - Selecting DS on SW (with NO SW compatibility chosen) then going to character selection screen, it appears normal, with red background and last char being Maxwell (so as for world config, DS themed).

      1b - Selecting DS on SW (with SW compatibility) turns screen on char selection SW themed and show all chars including SW ones, for world remains red.

      ->>> 2a - Selecting RofG world (with NO SW compatibility), the background on char selection that was supposed to turn purple, shows as SW themed, with the SW chars in it too - which shouldn't, based on the pattern should go to purple RoG char selection screen with Webber being last. The world options turn purple, meaning its ok here.

      2b - When creating a RofG world (WITH SW compatibility) same results as DS with SW compatibility (char screen modified, world config same) - which should be correct here.

- After installing Hamlet, and trying to create one of the following worlds and going to char selection/world config screens:

      3a - DS with NO SW and NO HAM: ok (themed DS for char and world screens).

      3b - DS with SW compatibility: same as "1b": ok

      3c - DS with HAM compatibility: same as "1b", but for HAM, so yellow background, and all chars on list, world config red: ok

      ---> 3d - RofG with NONE: same as the inconsistency pointed on SW creating a RofG world (char turns SW list). <---

      3e - RofG with SW: same as NONE situation - which here should be the correct (char SW themed, world purple).

      3f - RofG with HAM: char screen turns HAM themed, world remains purple.

      3g - SW with NO HAM: all good.

      3h - SW with HAM: chars list turns HAM list, world screen blue (ok).

     And for the sake of the listing, 3i - HAM world, all fine, char and world yellow.


ALSO, there is another thing when on Hamlet DLC: when selecting RofG world, then going on char screen (which is SW themed as mentioned) it's possible to find the two new HAM characters unblocked and between Webber and Walani. Even choosing NO compatibility with HAM or SW. (One pic sent is from this particular case - RofG char list being blue and with both HAM chars unblocked and out of order). This also makes one plays with the new chars on HAM map even not having them unblocked by game progress (by selecting them there and then changing to HAM map after).


In conclusion, i had to list all just to be sure and point the inconsistency properly.

So there are two things: one of RofG not having it's own char screen given the listed pattern of options starting from SW dlc (the other pic is the missing screen char list of RofG only seen on RofG dlc); and second, about both HAM chars being present, unblocked and out of order on RofG char list - which was supposed to be only 'RofG purple list' as before mentioned, but is SW themed.

Its just a pattern inconsistency and in case of chars on wrong list, kinda of a bug.

Thanks for the attention! Love this game!

Captura de Tela 2018-11-08 às 23.40.27.png

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Zillvr    1,634

Hello @Orlumbus, welcome to the forums. Thank you for the report. Please make a bug report directly to the bug tracker for Hamlet:

Thank you for reaching out. Sorry for the misjudgment. Since this concerned Hamlet, I was a little too quick to assume its a Hamlet issue which would be best to be reported to the dedicated bug tracker. Upon reading up on the particulars of your report, you had in the right place. Hopefully the devs can get to it eventually.

Sorry again, cheers.

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Orlumbus    0

Hello again!
After some time i've noticed the both issues were fixed. Thanks!

I'll take this chance to report another instead creating another topic - this time a shorter one -  pattern break too.

It concerns the icons on save slots menu

When is a DS file, both icon on save slot and on save menu are the same DS one.
---> When is a RofG file, the icon on save list is RofG, but the icon that appears on that save menu turns to DS icon. <----
Checking further, when creating a DS file with SW (or HAM) compatibility, the icon on list is SW (or HAM) and on save menu is DS
                            when creating a RofG file with SW (or HAM) compatibility, the icon on list is SW (or HAM) as well, and on save menu is RofG.

So the only icon that should appear and it isn't, is when is a RofG map.

The pic 1 shows 2 maps on save list, DS's (1st) and RofG's, pic 2 shows the supposed wrong icon on a RofG save, being DS one.

Pic 3 shows Ham save list (same applies for SW), being the same other two saves plus DS, RofG and HAM on 3rd, 4th and 5th slot.
Pic 4 shows the 4th slot save menu of pic 3, which is a RofG map.

In other words, they are all respecting the supposed pattern but RofG's, which shows DS icon instead RofG itself.

I don't know if it was intentional, but seeing the further examples, seems to be another case of missing pattern.

Thanks for the attention! 

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