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[Gameplay] touchscreen only moves curser while touching


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touchscreen only moves curser while touching

Steps to reproduce

-get a windows pc/laptop with touschscreen
-install google chrome, log in, play dont starve
-whlile in the window of dont starve, using the touschreen is very bugged

Describe your issue

youre moving the pointer of the mouse with whatever movement you make on the screen.
if you tap on the left once and then tap on the right, the curser position in the game stays exactly the same.
if you swipe left on your screen the curser will move along, but if you tap somewhere the curser doesn't move to that location.

this is the only case while using windows with touschreen that this bug accurs, so i wonder if it can be fixed. all other flash/html5 games work perfectly fine conserning the touchscreen.

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