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Seaworthy - Travel to DS and DST?

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Mencken    366

I see on the Wiki that it is possible to go to a dst world if properly set up.   What are the mechanics for travel and can you back and forth?   Do you lose anything?



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Majestix    530

You can not travel to a DST world.

If you start in a SW world, you will find a seaworthy somewhere in the world. You can enter it, and either land in a DS world that you had already started and designated to be SW-compatible, or you can choose to land in a brand new DS world that will be generated at that point. The important thing to know is that, while you do not lose your SW world, you might not be able to jump back immediately either. To get back to your SW world, you need to find the flotsam in the DS world, hammer down the ship to get the Seaworther (you can also first try fishing for it at the flotsam, but the chance of getting it this way is slim, while it is guaranteed to drop when you hammer the thing down), use the sea worther, along with some nightmare fuel and some living logs, to build a seaworthy in the DS world (needs a shadow manipulator), and then you can jump back to your SW world.

The whole process also works in reverse: you can start a SW-compatible DS world, carry out the above steps to jump to an already existing or new SW world, and in that find the permanent seaworthy to get back. Note: in SW the Seaworthy cannot be built, you have to find it in the world; while in DS it does not exist at the beginning and you have to build it.

This mechanic is great for world hops and mega bases: e.g. you can store all your valuable stuff in the SW world, and use the teleportato in the DS world to jump to a new world. This way you can accumulate huge amounts of thulecite, green gems, etc. without ever running out of inventory space during the world jumps. You can also do the reverse: stock up on bioluminescence, store it in your DS world, and use the teleportato in the SW world to generate a new one.

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