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[Gameplay] Savegame doesn't load, game sits in menu, no music


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Savegame doesn't load, game sits in menu, no music

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I don't know how this issue was reached but here's some info.

I have a game saved at day 21 using Wilson. "1 Sandbox 1-21"

I had one small base near water. I had four turbo farm plots, three chests, one crockpot, one stone-ringed campfire, an icebox, a science machine and an alchemy thingo. I believe I last saved during daytime, early in the day.

The game had been closed. Upon firing it up once more, several hours later, and selecting ('continue') the one savegame, in the first slot, basically nothing happens. The screen momentarily fades to black and back and the menu music stops and the game remains in the savegame menu. Repeated attempts do not change the outcome both in the same game session or in subsequent reloads of the game. Sound effects are still present, e.g. the spider can be heard crawling in the menu and menu buttons make clicking sounds. Waiting indefinitely in the menu after attempting to load the savegame does nothing either.

I've tried running the game with Steam's cloud setting disabled with no change.

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My savegame can't be loaded. The game remains in the menu albeit with the menu music now ceased.

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