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[Gameplay] Abnormally agressive tallbird


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Abnormally agressive tallbird

Steps to reproduce

1. Find a tallbird nest
2. Steal the egg, kill tallbird
3. Get far away and then get back in a day
4. You'll see tallbird without egg in nest. Stay nearby tallbird and sometimes it will become agressive and chase you till death

Describe your issue

I consider this as bug because respawned tallbird don't know about your previous egg stealing, it even doesn't have its personal egg, so chasing player for territory protection untill the death is way too much. Happened to me like 3 times already, with the same tallbird nest - it's alone and there's no any other tallbirds on whole the map

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As for version 73920, this bug is still active: if a tallbird have an egg in its nest, it will chase you for only 30-40s. If it doesnt - no matter was it stolen or just doesn't exists - it will chase you constantly. So it's almost every time I'm checking a nest for an egg, I have to kill tallbird, because it didn't layed the egg and starts chasing me instead of doing that.

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