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No sounds + automatically resetting to 0


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i have the problem where i have no sound and the ingame setting keep resetting to 0.

 i tried everything

-i updated all my drivers

- deleted the setting.ini(client.ini) file

-changed the settings inside the setting.ini file

-ran the program as an admin


i'm using a MSI gp62m leopard pro 7rex

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti
16 GB
windows 10 
and i have a nahamic 2 program i don't realy use


The game works fine i just don't have sound. please help i wanna be able to play again.

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Hello @LeDeuude, welcome to the forums. If you've already tried changing the settings.ini file but still have no sound and keeps resetting to 0. I recall that this is possibly an issue with Steam cloud. So disable steam cloud for Don't Starve for a bit, then change the settings.ini file then open Don't Starve and see if your settings stays.


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