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What are the things missing from DS present in DST nowadays and vice versa?

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Ellilea    788

I have played a bit of each as a single player, but I was wondering if I could find a coherent compilation of all the differences and things missing from both games. With Hamlet coming it's obviously time to give DS another whirl and, if possible, I'd quite like to "fill in the blanks" from DST with mods.

Alas, last time I played the mods weren't able to quite cover the stuff just yet. But maybe it has changed, I'd love to look around knowing exactly what I'm looking for.

Stuff I think is missing from DS (aside of multiplayer stuff ofc):

- Antlion

- Bee Queen

- Toadstool

- Ancient Fuelweaver

- Moonstone Statues and their quest

- Stagehand Table

- Taming Beefalo

- Pets

- Outfits


Vice versa:

- Shipwrecked

- Hamlet

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Things to go to back to Don't starve that would make it awsome:

  1. The upcoming haloween thing (the ability to grow more living trees)
  2. Woodies gameplay update (it is superior to vanilla in every way)
  3. Hush
  4. All of the bosses (but scaled down)
  5. Blooming mushtrees and mushroom spores
  6. regrowth of non renewable plants 
  7. Certain items like the whirly fan
  8. sleeping change

One thing that needs to come to both: Full minimap functionality 


From DS to DST

  1. the :things" so a world can be reset without losing progress

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imsomony    427

I don't mind the raid bosses not being in DS, I've never been much of a fan of them anyway. I think the Moon Stone set piece/quest would be nice to have though. Some other things from DST that I'd like to see in DS:


  1. Wall gates/doors (I believe there's a mod for that, but can't verify at the moment - Steam Workshop searching is down)
  2. Mushroom planters (mod:
  3. Mini-signs for chests (mod:
  4. Meteors (mod:


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