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Can't play with Mods


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I've played with character mods before but for some reason I can't play with them anymore. I kept trying to making new worlds with mods but it kept bringing up the same warning screen. All the mods that I used are up to date. I've tried verifying my files and even running steam and the game as administrator but it still doesn't work.


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Hello @ItsRyn, welcome to the forums. Completely based on what you just said it seems like the game is crashing due to corrupted mod files. The game accesses mod files when you create new worlds, so I suggest manually deleting the mod files.

Follow instructions below:

  • Close DS
  • Go to Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods
  • Delete all folders called "workshop-###"
  • Open DS

You can also just move all the "workshop-###" files away from that default folder so DS doesn't/can't access them, if you are hesitant on deleting files. If it still crashes for you. Then you should attach a copy of your log.txt file to this bug report, just attach the whole log.txt file by drag dropping it into the text editor window when you make a reply to this bug report.

For client_log.txt:

  • After letting DST crash again
  • Close DST
  • Go to Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve
  • Drag drop log.txt to your next reply
  • Submit Reply

Just to be safe, unsubscribe from mods from the Steam Workshop before you open DS again after deleting files. Unsubscribe from the latest mod you subscribed to, which I reckon caused DST to crash for you. If you really need/want those specific mods, enable them one by one and see if any of them crashes the game again.

Good luck, cheers.

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Oh I just realized I posted this in the wrong game category, I hope this still works -_-

I just tried it now, I was able to make a world and enter it with 4 mods so I think it worked! Thank you very much!

UPDATE: Nevermind its popping up again, is there a limit to how many mods I can use? Also I don't know where to get the log.txt

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@ItsRyn for DST, the log file is called client_log.txt and it should be in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether.

There is no predefined limit on how many mods you can have active at a time, BUT you should be aware that not all mods are compatible with other mods. If it starts crashing when you activate a certain mod, it may be conflicting with other mods that are active.

You might have mods that modify the same script of the game which probably causes the crash. Based on that screenshot you posted originally, it's the mod called Makiri (notice the workshop-###), the number corresponds to the mod's page in the steam workshop. Either disable that mod and see if you are able to play with the other mods, to determine if that's the only main issue.

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