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hamlet save file crashes. cant continue

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BeliarBAD    564

i had a world on day 35 and now on 69 and both had the bug that they crash when i load them. it says something About map is broken. someone had the same Problem?

some tips: you can make rope and sell it to the pigs for 3 oincs. i only do this and have infinity oincs. ive replanted grass to my house and i go in jungle with shears for lots rope.dont dont Need ruins for relics. you can make much more oincs with ropes.

buy as much as possible from Shops. dont bother gathering ressources which you can buy in Shops. like Gold, minerhat, honey poltice…

against fog use pith hat. for sneezing gasmask 2-3sec. for rain only pig Skinhelmet (you can buy umbrella in shop if you like)

Health raw blue mushrooms and honey politce from shop

sanity cooked green mushrooms from shop and cooked Lotus Flowers

for hunger buy in the shop ice and 1 meat and make meatballs or whatever you like. .

if bats attack run on the Streets in the City in circle and let the guards kill them. pick the loot. i get evry tim About 10 pig Skins. evrywhere else in the world run till they get aggro on something else then you.

if the Bandit attacks then run on the street if you cant doge hit him. kill him and get his hat. you can steal with it at night.

you can equip the ant helmet and ant clothes and ants wont attack you.(the normal ones)

you can dig the sneezles Flowers (the White ones) and plant near your house. helps against sneezing

best weapons are still hambat and darksword.

Armors is Piskin helmet enough. 

you dont Need a base. alchmie engine crockpot and some chests are fine in the first City. Maybe if you like a birdcage too. very important is Lightning rot for the grass. 

buy some pinecones if you like



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