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[Hamlet Beta BUG] Saving and exiting the game while inside the bug queen's chambers makes the game unstable/unplayable


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I was playing as WX-78 on day 55.

As I had never fought the bug queen, and I'm a coward, I thought it'd be a good idea to save and exit the game before the fight.

Big mistake, a ton of bugs happened once I loaded the saved game, the bugs are listed bellow:

- Lighting was inconsistent/crazy, weather patterns were present indoors.

- Added max health penalty to WX, even though there was no meat effigy built.

- Health started decreasing (taking damage) for no apparent reason.

- After going through a few rooms, WX was eventually locked walking downwards with broken animation.

- When WX died, the game soft-locked.


Rip the run, it was the best one so far.

Sorry for bad english.

PS: Geometric placement was being used, and even after disabling it, the save file was still "corrupted" as listed above.




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