Last night I decided to play Warbucks in order to get a feel for his character so I could suggest some perks for him, but starting out I'm just gonna give you a summary of his current situation and my thoughts on him. -Current Warbucks: Character info: Warbucks, The Gentleman Hunter (Too similar to "Wilson, The Gentleman Scientist".) "I say ol' chap, this will be a game to remember!" (This works.) *Is an explorer (Doesn't relate to perks.) *Loves his fortune (This ones descriptive enough I guess for what the perk is right now.) *Picky eater. (Not clear enough.) Stats: -150 health. -120 hunger -300 sanity I say! His stats are quite interesting and I see no reason to change them so long as he gets the much needed changes to his perks, especially "Loves his fortune". More on that later.  Perks:
-Starts with a magnifying glass which can burn things, search stumps for treasure, and scare away Mants. (Thanks @CarlZalph for the information on this.) -Gains way too much sanity per minute from one oinc, as with just ten or so oincs I'm pretty sure I was surpassing Maxwell's sanity gain, and that's honestly just not right with how easy it was to accumulate just ten oincs combined with that fully upgraded WX-78 level sanity stat. -Picky eater. Basically he hates non-crockpot meals so he loses -5 sanity and gains less hunger from eating said foods. At first I didn't like the idea of this perk as I thought of it as kind of treading on Warly's turf so to speak, but I grew to really like the idea of it as he doesn't appear to get more benefits from crockpot meals but instead its supposed to encourage actually buying from the sandwich shop instead of eating what you find. Only complaint is the fact that the penalty for eating non-crockpot meals is way too low and should be much harsher, especially since at the moment at least the sanity loss means nothing considering his ridiculous sanity gain from having a dozen or so coins in his pocket. With that out of the way, now for my suggestions on what to do with Warbucks down the line. Here is what I envision: -New Warbucks Character Info: Warbucks, The Pennywise Hunter "I say ol' chap, this will be a game to remember!" *Has an antique repertoire *Thirsts for fortune *Only enjoys fine dining Stats: -150 health -120 hunger -300 sanity Perks: *Has an antique repertoire: -Starts with an antique blunderbuss named Ol' Fortune (name tentative), which is loaded with either gunpowder (or perhaps gold dust) in order to kill your foes. Enemies killed by Ol' Fortune will have their drops converted to oincs. For example say you kill a koalefent with Ol' Fortune, normally a koalefent drops 8x meat and 1x koalefent trunk, but now that koalefent will instead drop 9x oincs. This would encourage going for "big-game" animals that drop lots of loot in order to get the most oincs from them in order to increase your sanity and have currency to spend in town given you have the ammo. Should probably also start with 6-8x gunpowder/gold dust. -Starts with a magnifying glass. Nothing special about this its just the same item from before. It fits his character and has its uses, though hopefully it gets more meaningful ones in the future. -Starts with a pith hat too? Not a special item but I think it would help out quite a bit for those struggling with those sudden fogs that happen around day fourteen like myself. Just throwing the idea out there. *Thirsts for fortune: -Has a constant -10x sanity drain per minute in order to encourage the player to acquire oincs as fast as possible. Really not that bad given he has 300 sanity along with how easy it is to acquire oincs, so remember that part when critiquing this. -Gains +0.5x sanity gain per minute for every oinc in inventory, and either +5.0x or maybe +1.0x sanity for every ten-piece oinc. This means that he'll need one full stack of oincs to have half the sanity gain Maxwell has, which I felt to be necessary balance given he was grossly overshadowing Maxwell in the sanity department before. -Loses -25 sanity instantly upon spending, or having stolen, any amount of cash. Encourages a more cash hoarding playstyle which would fit for the more Scrooge Mcduck-esque character I envision. *Only enjoys fine dining: -Loses probably -15 sanity for every non-crockpot food consumed, along with the same diminished benefits as before though perhaps even a little harsher. That's about it really, don't know what else to expand upon this. With these changes, I think Warbucks could come off as a more interesting character. I do think he perhaps needs another interesting antique item to really justify playing him, so I've been trying to think up more ideas which I'll likely update this thread with later. (P.S. Klei, if your reading this, please change Warbucks' battlecry from "Huzzah! To arms!" to "The game is afoot!" or something along those lines. At the moment his quote is really way too similar to Maxwell's battlecry which as you very likely know is "To arms!", and it kind of bothers me. Sincerely, Portmanteau)