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Anyone know about the bug of Dark Interior?

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Astasloth    0

I just had this one bug when I played few hours ago.

I wanted to visit a temple, passed the door... and it caused the game to crash. When I reload my save, Wilson was all in the dark like in your screenshot. But he was alive and taking no damage. His torch was equipped but the room stayed dark. I could hear him walked in the room too... It was fun... But I was trapped.

I will try to reload the game once more and see if it's fixed...


(by the way, sorry for my english if you don't understand me... I'm from Belgium).




EDIT : I'm trying to relaod the game actually... And I think it's definitely broken.

The images are showing what i'm actually seeing. I can't leave the room. And I'm hearing Wilson walking even when I don't click.



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Squats    74

This has happened to me and several others as well according to the Bug Tracker. Maybe posting your save for them to look at will help them find out what's the problem?



Also these next posts are related to the black screen, but occur in other areas instead of the player house:




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