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BUGS AND GLITCHES! Don’t starve hamlet


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Hi, I want to tell some issues that I found.

first, when I enter the refined goods house the whole house is dark, I can’t see anything but it’s only that, despite it’s al dark, my sanity doesn’t drain and Charlie doesn’t attack 

second: always that I go out from my house it starts to rain, ALWAYS

third: the icons in the ruin’s map (entrance, resources, totems etc) are out of this, example, a grass icon is out of the map, in the dark part 

and when I purchase a table (Or some other decorations) it desapears and I can’t walk in the area that the table is supouse to be 

and I would like to ask to:

-the number of bats when they come to you are HUGE after 2nd attack, so I would like to reduce the number of bats 

-I know it’s in beta but I love don’t starve quotes, and I don’t like when my character says “it’s a... thing”

and that’s all I remember, I hope the Klei team can read this and fix up the bugs that I found 

thanks for reading, cheers! <3

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