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Hamlet beta discussion thread

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BionicSandwich    165

I feel like we need a place to talk about what we see in the beta so here it is.


so far I have seen a few biomes

 tall grass biome, with the tall grass from the trailer,

a jungle area, where there are the deadly plants from the trailer, and the ruins

ooh a pangolden

So it seems there is tubers you can eat, but either the jungle they are in poisons you, or they themselves poison you

also cricket people are a thing

dung beetles are a thing, you can root around in their piles for poop and other materials

trees called claw palms drop cork, examining it says that it floats

in the ruins, there are pressure plates you have to weigh down to pass

seems to be a bug with the ruins, Ill report that

there are vines in the jungle, some of them attack you

spider monkeys are a thing, monkeys that have spider qualities

the swimming rook in the trailer is called the hippopotamoose

OMG cute little furry things called pogs are my friend now

I just witnessed a pig warrior burn a tree in a village. apparently a crusade is going on

done pick up anything on the ground or the pig guards will attack

the coins are called oincs

also the pig village is like 5 houses, so that's anticlimactic

pig villages are lit up at night, so thats pretty good

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oCrapaCreeper    3,093
37 minutes ago, Thalkas said:

So we can meet two new characters now ... Hi Warbucks and Wilba! Goodluck!

  Reveal hidden contents



Warbucks appears to be in the game, though unfinished. Wilba right now just seems to exist as a portrait in the files.

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