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I took an old lined paper artwork I did just after the Gorge and used my newly-discovered digital skills to spruce it up!

HC: Merms can actually come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. When their fins flush a more vibrant color, it's their way of blushing.


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1 hour ago, minespatch said:

Yeah, green and red from shipwrecked. So why purple for the merm you drew?

Pretty cute piece.

Well, I wanted to expand upon the variety we've seen for the in-game models. We've seen that merms can have wider hue variation within a specific color (Sammy and Pipton are different shades of green, with Pipton verging on blue and Sammy's fins being red/brown), and that they can having varying fin/body structures such as barbels- so, I based the merm on the right off of an existing fish, specifically a purple beta.

Plus I just felt like the color purple suited that particular merm.

I do feel like certain colors are more common than others. Blue to green spectrum, red to brown spectrum, and silver being likely the most common, since those colors are especially common in real-world fish. I'm probably going to play around more with creating merm designs that have stripes, speckles, eye spots... not to mention, with them being both fish-like and frog-like, there is viable justification to sneak some frog morphs in there too (my bf has drawn some adorable poison dart and bullfrog based merms before).

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DragonMage156    25,311

Aww this is an adorable take on merms.

Another variation you can try is fin shapes and placements. People made merms based on the survivors while Gorge was still on. Just adding to the idea list.

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