Hey folks, Here are our upcoming patch notes for PS4, Xbox One and Switch. This will require us to go through certification, so please bear with us as we go through the process: Added Korean and Simplified Chinese Bug-fix "AI respawns in looking animation if user hides in dumpster where AI body is already hidden."  Bug-fix "Player can break collision on walls by jumping+kicking at the same time" Bug-fix "Player able to bypass certain laser traps in the challenge room located in the "A Change in Course" level" Bug-fix "User character does not get killed upon landing on thorns in Challenge Room of the level 'An Ancestral Home'" Bug-fix "Show checkpoints on the map for seal progression objectives after they have been achieved" Bug-fix "Fixed a framerate issue when switching between docked and undocked" Bug-fix "Unlocked techniques persist on Restart Checkpoint" Bug-fix "Numerous fixes for the text getting cut off because of lengthy translations" Bug-fix "Enemies are no longer able to shoot the player through the wall in level 'The Trail of Shadow'" Bug-fix "Smoke bombs fail to block laser tripwires when the player uses them during 'Rooftop' in level 'A Change of Course'." We will also be bringing bug fixes to the original version of Mark of the Ninja in a future update on Steam There have also been some discussions about the framerate on the Switch. While we spent months trying to claw back the milliseconds to make it work, ultimately the original game assumed sequential execution in all of its gameflow, and we realized there was no chance we could reach 60FPS without rewriting the entire game engine. In the latest patch we have fixed the issue where the framerate would sometimes flip from locked and unlocked during docking and undocking. Because we were not able to achieve a full 60FPS, the game is locked to 30FPS for a better user experience rather than flipping between 60FPS and 30FPS.