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[Gameplay] Warrior Spider Jump Animation Glitch

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galaxybomb    10

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Warrior Spider Jump Animation Glitch

Steps to reproduce

1. Attack Lvl 2+ Spider Den
2. Allow Warrior Spiders to Jump Attack

Describe your issue

Whenever a Warrior Spider uses its jump attack, It doesn't move from its current location and I always get hit, no matter where I am. This makes it almost impossible to take on a high level den, as the warrior spiders will always hit me whenever i get near them. I would have linked a video but my character died from this and I want to post this right away instead of waiting for a new world to create a level 2 spider den and then recording it. Hope you guys can help!

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Wade    321

Hmm, okay, I'll look into this situation. I know the Warrior Spiders have very large hitboxes on their jump attacks, but they should still have to be moving from their location when the jump occurs.

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