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[Gameplay] Late Hound running for the ocean, ignoring me.


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Late Hound running for the ocean, ignoring me.

Steps to reproduce

1.Fight a bunch of hounds
2. Leave the area for a day
3. When I got back I saw a hound
The hound did not go for me
4.He went in the other direction until he hit the edge
5.he is stuck in the running animation

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Posted Image
Posted Image

I had some hounds attack me, I killed all that came to me, I went back to my base that was close.
The next day I went to another base on another island and spent the night there.
The day after I came back and I noticed another hound that was running to the left, while I was coming from the right.
It ran until it hit the edge as if it's target was on the other side, but it was the edge of the map.

I do not now what had drawn the hound to the edge.

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