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Shank 2 remaster?

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Bluedoom57    2

With the Mark of the Ninja remaster being worked on, I thought it could be a great idea to bring Shank back as well. As the second is my favorite, of course I'm more interested in that one getting a remaster than the first, though it'd make more sense the other way around. That said, I think it could also be a great idea to remaster them both and bundle them together, to give those who haven't played either game the chance to experience them, as I think they're both truly wonderful experiences.

Not that I think it'd ever happen, but it could be used as an opportunity to include more stuff as well. Maybe an extra Shank 2 level with Corina, since she was only used for *one* stage aside from survival.

Of course I say all this knowing that a remaster of these two games is likely never going to happen, as Shank seems to have been utterly abandoned, but regardless as someone who absolutely loves everything about Shank 2, if no one else was going to, I should at least express my interest in it.

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