What I noticed is that you built exactly on the last top tile of the border AND on the side borders. Some players had some crashes in the past doing that, some of those crashes had been fixed by Klei. The first day in the beta when meteors where introduced in the game, I remember that there was a really long cpu lockup delay of 2-4 seconds on meteor impact. That was the time where dupes where flying in to the air on meteor impact. I think I had a crash on that, but its so long ago - Cant really remember. Please have a look if your game still crashes if you delete the entire width and top 20 tiles - So that there is nothing at all left. If that still crashes the game, then I would delete 99% of the level and just leave a wide floor in the middle of the map, to see what happens on meteor impacts. Let us know of your results. Good luck ------------- Update - All was running fine. As I started to try to copy meteors and was messing around in the map borders in your save file, the game crashed. Please leave a gap of 20 tiles left,right,top,bottom and see if your game runs ok. Make sure that really nothing is there. If there still is an crash issue in your savegame with the meteors flying in to areas, either start fresh or fill the left,right,bottom with neutrinum filler and stay 10 tiles away from the top, having nothing in the top 10 columns. Report/submit the crashes to Klei and change your map construction work accordingly for now.